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Preparing for international completion is tough at the best of times but when you are training twice a day working a fulltime job and dieting to make weight someone with Yan’s skills is essential! Her holistic approach to keeping me in top condition made a huge difference to my preparation. The only way I made it to competition. I often find myself frustrated with practitioners in the physical therapy area – I’ve been to many over the years – Yan is different, she listens and deals with the real problem using the right tool for the job.

3 months before an international competition, I broke my ankle.  Yan’s therapeutic sports massage was the perfect complement to my existing rehabilitation focusing on decreasing muscle tension in my leg, increasing joint range of motion and decreasing my recovery time.  Yan’s technical and physiological knowledge is excellent.  Your help contributed to me being able to compete which I am very grateful for.   Thank you, Yan!

“Yan’s sports massage helped me throughout the entire season in 2016. She released huge amount of tension throughout body which helped me recover for trainings and games; the massages absolutely improved my performance. Awesome!! Over exceeded expectations. Highly recommended!”

“Ebb&Flow has provided me with great results when it comes to muscle recovery. I am quite active so Yan’s services and expertise have helped me achieve my goals and help my body recover quicker.”

“I have been searching for a good deep tissue massage therapist for three years and I no longer need to search since finding Yan. She has magic hands! Yan is very knowledgeable of the musculoskeletal system and applies this to ensure you have a great remedial massage experience. I cannot recommend Yan and her services highly enough.”

, Office worker

“Thank you very much for the wonderful massage! I have been your client for a year now and I intend to continue booking massage sessions with you on a regular basis in the future. Your professionalism, personal approach and flexibility are much appreciated! Being a mother of a small baby is a great joy, but it is also hard and physically demanding 24/7 job. My back and shoulders are often very sore because I have to pick up and carry my growing child all the time, plus the lack of sleep, of course…I don’t think I would manage without your massage. You have magic hands, Yan! You make me feel much better! I would recommend your massage services to all new mums and anybody, really.  Thanks a lot for your help! You are doing a great job!”

, Full-time mum

“Yan is a wonderful professional therapist. Perfect for dropping in if you have a specific ache or pain, or if you like me with long living problems she is great for on-going issues. I have been going to her for almost a year now and always enjoy the time to just relax. She has excellent pressure and gives helpful advice on how to ease pain. Highly recommended to all.”

, Full-time mum

“I can highly recommend Yan as a massage therapist. Her massage not just felt relaxing while I had the treatment, I also could feel the benefits the days after. She has great knowledge and gave me good tips on how to maintain a healthy body with some easy stretches. I am looking forward to my next massage.”

, Full-time mum

“Impressed with her pre-consult discussion, establishing what the concerns are and making a plan to address pain and mobility. Would definitely recommend.”

, Office worker

“Yan Xie provides a careful, tailored massage. She very quickly understood where the issues were in my body and released tensions in a way that was both therapeutic and highly relaxing. I will definitely be back!”

, Full-time mum